Farlight Finally Sends Out the Call of Dragons to Terrorize Kingdoms

Call of DragonsIt’s a go! Farlight is officially publishing Call of Dragons including all codes for the game, which MMO players have been beta testing for some months now. Dubbed as a spin off of Legou’s highly popular Rise of Kingdoms, the developer is pleased to inform players that they have created a list of Call of Dragons Codes. That way, future COD players can save time in looking for codes that will increase their chances of getting free items and gems to make quick in-game progress.

The people behind the Call of Dragons website say the list contains both new and old codes, as they are constantly in search of fresh ones to add to the list. Players are reminded to redeem and use all as soon as possible regardless of game progression. Chiefly because all codes have dates of expiration.

Why Should Call of Dragons Players Take Interest in Getting Game Codes?

Game codes are popularly known as “cheat codes,” which video game developers ordinarily publish in social media platforms like FB and Discord. During the beta testing phase, the Call of Dragons developers have been posting codes every time there was a forthcoming in-game event. In some cases, if a goal has been achieved, developers reward players for their support and continuing loyalty by creating new cheat or game codes.

Through the Call of Dragons Codes, players can obtain valuable items like building resources, gems, speedups and VIP points that can help players make considerable in-game progress; like upgrading buildings and investing in heroes to maximize their skills in fighting against enemies. However, players should make sure that investments are made in the best Call of Dragons heroes.

Yet players tend to encounter difficulty in looking for game codes in social media sites, because other posts push the codes down and get buried. That being the case, game codes are harder to find; notwithstanding that they each have expiration dates.

That is why the Call of Dragons Game Code list at the website is very useful because it has the entire collection of codes in one place.

Aren’t Game Cheat Codes Illegal?


There was a time when Game Codes were seen as illegal because they give players greater advantage in hurdling and completing different stage levels.

Actually, video game developers create and publish the Game Cheat Codes themselves, to hasten up the beta testing process of the gaming software.

During stages of game creation and before tackling the creation of the next stage of the game, developers need to immediately find out from game testers their feedback, whether good or bad. That way, they know if there are bugs or glitches to fix. More importantly, they can evaluate if they need to make modifications or incorporate adjustments that will enrich the gaming satisfaction experienced by players.

While Game Codes were supposed to be secrets released by developers, some video gamers took to collecting and looking for such codes so they could profit from selling them.

Eventually, game developers and publishers decided to add Game Codes as additional features. They found out that providing players all the game cheat codes is one way of encouraging the latter to further engage in the game; not leaving them feeling stranded and frustrated when reaching difficult stage levels.