Huawei : Still Providing Support to Nova 2 Users

Sometime in 2017, the Philippines was touted for having the highest mobile phone users who spend at least 5 hours daily gaming and engaging in social media activities. At that time, Huawei was fast emerging as the midrange mobile phone manufacturer for selling a phenomenal number of Huawei Nova 2 series. At that time, everything seemed to falling in the right places; including Huawei’s impressive but scary 5G technology.

First off, young Asians were seeing smartphones that have stellar camera capabilities, which was quite important in the selfie trend.

The US Ban on Android Use

As far as using a Nova 2 for gaming is concerned, users are satisfied their Nova 2 unit can deliver speedy performance along with its high rate of display refresh. Actually, despite the setback caused by the US government’s 2019 blacklisting of the Chinese tech giant, Huawei is still providing software updates by way of downloadable firmware.

Keeping Nova 2 Phones Attuned with Android OS

Nova 2 users can upgrade their Huawei mobile phones by way of a firmware containing the most recent Android upgrades. Bear in mind that Huawei mobile phones cannot use Android as an operating system.
To circumvent the prohibitions, Huawei makes compilations of Android updates by way of a downloadable firmware called EMUI 9.0. The latter enables Huawei Nova 2 users to have their mobile phone run with android’s minimalist features to give a responsive and immersive gaming and socializing experience.

Even when it made its first move to enter the midrange market, Huawei was fast developing in the East. The Chinese company already had its eyes set on mobile gamers and young selfie-crazy people.
While a Nova 2 is much larger but elegant despite its plastic frame, many find the design excellent for gaming as it gives a user the feel of holding a controller.

Does Huawei’s OctaCore Processor Make a Big Difference?

A common misconception when choosing a smartphone is not fully understanding why an Octa-Core is better than a Quad-Core and why the former type is better. Experts explain that smartphones derive their computing power from their processors, of which the multi-core types are the best in terms of ensuring energy efficiency. That being the case, the power of an Octa-Core processor is generally better. Aside from making a smartphone energy infrastructure efficient, the Octa Core enables smartphone users to multitask at better speed and performance.