Call of Dragons on PC ; The Best Way to Play the Game

Call of Dragons is without doubt one of the fastest growing RPG games today since it was officially released for download in March 2023 as a mobile game on Android. There’s a map offering endlessopportunities for enjoying the building aspects as well as the combat system of the game.
Call of Dragons is built with an immense 3D environment, which makes long periods of staying immersed via a mobile phone detrimental to the device, particularly the battery.
Such a condition limits a COD player’s ability to enjoy all the exciting features of the game when finding time to do so. Yet, it does not have to stay that way since developer Legou has been reminding players all along that the best way to really experience the thrills and excitement of playing COD is to access the game via a Windows-based Personal Computer (PC).
All experienced gamers agree to this recommendation as doing so enabled them to enjoy the 3D graphics via a larger screen. They were able to gather and grind with ease because they can open and maintain multiple farming accounts.
The best part about using a PC to play COD, is that it eliminates the stress of worrying about battery drainage.
Additionally, since players can use the supplementary controls of the larger PC set up, they keyboard, the mouse, speakers as well as the bigger screen, they were able to produce more precise results.
Moreover, at the end of each playing engagement, one’s main Call of Dragons account will get boosted by the alternative accounts.

About Installing a PC Version of Call of Dragons

When Call of Dragons was released as an Android-supported mobile game, players were encouraged to use their PC or Mac in beta testing the game. Back then, a Bluestack emulator was recommended as the tool to use in installing a PC version of the Call of Dragons Android app.
A few months later, COD publisher Farlight, came out with an Official COD emulator, to simplify the process of creating a PC version of COD on Android.
To install a PC version of the Call of Dragons, a player needs to first install the Official Farlight emulator. After which, start the installation and just like with any software, wait for the engine to launch. After the launching process, a player can start a new adventure; or if he prefers, continue improving his progress in the faction he joined.