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Farlight Finally Sends Out the Call of Dragons to Terrorize Kingdoms

It’s a go! Farlight is officially publishing Call of Dragons including all codes for the game, which MMO players have been beta testing for some months now. Dubbed as a spin off of Legou’s highly popular Rise of Kingdoms, the developer is pleased to inform players that they have created a list of Call of Dragons Codes. That way, future COD players can save time in looking for codes that will increase their chances of getting free items and gems to make quick in-game progress.

The people behind the Call of Dragons website say the list contains both new and old codes, as they are constantly in search of fresh ones to add to the list. Players are reminded to redeem and use all as soon as possible regardless of game progression. Chiefly because all codes have dates of expiration.

Why Should Call of Dragons Players Take Interest in Getting Game Codes?

Game codes are popularly known as “cheat codes,” which video game developers ordinarily publish in social media platforms like FB and Discord. During the beta testing phase, the Call of Dragons developers have been posting codes every time there was a forthcoming in-game event. In some cases, if a goal has been achieved, developers reward players for their support and continuing loyalty by creating new cheat or game codes.

Through the Call of Dragons Codes, players can obtain valuable items like building resources, gems,speedups and VIP points that can help players make considerable in-game progress; like upgrading buildings and investing in heroes to maximize their skills in fighting against enemies. However, players should make sure that investments are made in the best Call of Dragons heroes.

Yet players tend to encounter difficulty in looking for game codes in social media sites, because other posts push the codes down and get buried. That being the case, game codes are harder to find; notwithstanding that they each have expiration dates.

That is why the Call of Dragons Game Code list at the website is very useful because it has the entire collection of codes in one place.

Aren’t Game Cheat Codes Illegal?


There was a time when Game Codes were seen as illegal because they give players greater advantage in hurdling and completing different stage levels.

Actually,video game developers create and publish the Game Cheat Codes themselves, to hasten up the beta testing process of the gaming software.

During stages of game creation and before tackling the creation of the next stage of the game, developers need to immediately find out from game testers their feedback, whether good or bad. That way, they know if there are bugs or glitches to fix. More importantly, they can evaluate if they need to make modifications or incorporate adjustments that will enrich the gaming satisfaction experienced by players.

While Game Codes were supposed to be secrets released by developers, some video gamers took to collecting and looking for such codes so they could profit from selling them.

Eventually, game developers and publishers decided to add Game Codes as additional features. They found out that providing players all the game cheat codes is one way of encouraging the latter to further engage in the game; not leaving them feeling stranded and frustrated when reaching difficult stage levels.

Huawei : Still Providing Support to Nova 2 Users

Sometime in 2017, the Philippines was touted for having the highest mobile phone users who spend at least 5 hours daily gaming and engaging in social media activities. At that time, Huawei was fast emerging as the midrange mobile phone manufacturer for selling a phenomenal number of Huawei Nova 2 series. At that time, everything seemed to falling in the right places; including Huawei’s impressive but scary 5G technology.

First off, young Asians were seeing smartphones that have stellar camera capabilities, which was quite important in the selfie trend.

The US Ban on Android Use

As far as using a Nova 2 for gaming is concerned, users are satisfied their Nova 2 unit can deliver speedy performance along with its high rate of display refresh. Actually, despite the setback caused by the US government’s 2019 blacklisting of the Chinese tech giant, Huawei is still providing software updates by way of downloadable firmware.

Keeping Nova 2 Phones Attuned with Android OS

Nova 2 users can upgrade their Huawei mobile phones by way of a firmware containing the most recent Android upgrades. Bear in mind that Huawei mobile phones cannot use Android as an operating system.
To circumvent the prohibitions, Huawei makes compilations of Android updates by way of a downloadable firmware called EMUI 9.0. The latter enables Huawei Nova 2 users to have their mobile phone run with android’s minimalist features to give a responsive and immersive gaming and socializing experience.

Even when it made its first move to enter the midrange market, Huawei was fast developing in the East. The Chinese company already had its eyes set on mobile gamers and young selfie-crazy people.
While a Nova 2 is much larger but elegant despite its plastic frame, many find the design excellent for gaming as it gives a user the feel of holding a controller.

Does Huawei’s OctaCore Processor Make a Big Difference?

A common misconception when choosing a smartphone is not fully understanding why an Octa-Core is better than a Quad-Core and why the former type is better. Experts explain that smartphones derive their computing power from their processors, of which the multi-core types are the best in terms of ensuring energy efficiency. That being the case, the power of an Octa-Core processor is generally better. Aside from making a smartphone energy infrastructure efficient, the Octa Core enables smartphone users to multitask at better speed and performance.

Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) is incorporated into numerous aspects of your lives today, whether it’s via voice-controlled devices like Alexa or targeted advertising. You’re often annoyed or scared by how much a “robot” can find out about your private lives. But AI can also bring great benefits, especially for businesses.

Where can you use artificial intelligence to make your company more successful?

In a company, there are many complex work processes that have to be coordinated with each other, as well as employees and customers who interact with and among each other. Especially with websites such as YouTube Mini and the general internet presence of companies, it is important nowadays that the customer feels personally addressed and products are tailored to him. You can optimize customer journeys with the right artificial intelligence.

YouTube Mini

Audience generation

So that you no longer have to rely on a generic target group when marketing your company, artificial intelligence can help you analyze customer behavior. As a result, you can contact your leads individually. In addition, you can tailor marketing communication and content precisely. This way, you can convert the lead as quickly as possible and with little personal effort.

Dynamic pricing

By analyzing demand, availability, customer profiles, and customer behavior, you can use AI to set dynamic pricing to maximize your business’s revenue.

Chatbots for customer service

Chatbots can be used to satisfy your customers but to have less effort yourself. These can be programmed in such a way that they can answer frequent service requests themselves. In the case of more complicated issues, they can forward the customer to an employee. This relieves your service staff. They do not have to constantly answer the same questions. In the future, they can concentrate on more complex cases and help where their expertise is really needed.

Marketing automation

Artificial intelligence can help improve and accelerate your content marketing. For example, AI-driven software can find real-time channels that promise the greatest chance of success based on previous interactions with your brand. With AI-supported marketing automation, the software can also decide what content should be created and when, where, and how it should be published.

Value Of Software Development For Gaming Company

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary for a company to invest in software development? It is very important for companies because it helps them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Software development can improve customer experiences, bring more innovative and feature-rich products to market, and make settings safer, more productive, and more efficient.

Importance of software development for the gaming business

Digitizing information and storing it online will not only save space but also integrate and centralize it so that it is easily accessible to those who need it. It’s also easy to protect your personal data and a helpful manual from outside threats.

When the business grows, data capacity gains volume, and efficient storage of this data will become a point of interest for the company. For this, companies need to develop and update their digital organization so that they can continue to deliver consistent performance for those who use this data.

Also, software development is essential for data analysis. Data collected from daily tasks, when combined with the right software, can be used by companies to keep track of behaviors among their customers.


The purpose of software development in business

These days, it’s hard to think of a successful business without online marketing. Online marketing is one of the best ways to mark the growth and success of your business. Regardless of the kind of business you own, you will need online platforms and mobile apps because they have a big influence on how clients contact you and buy your products or services. Having a well-built platform can guarantee a huge increase in income.

Top reasons why software development is important for a business

Software development takes your business to the top. In addition, software development helps promote and spread the business as it allows the brand to be visible to everyone and almost anywhere through a computer or smartphone.

It is important to know what customers think about your brand and the products you offer. If you want to know the opinion of your customers and you want them to provide a positive comment, then you need to have an online platform that allows customers to easily contact you and share their opinion about the products and services offered.

Every business wants to increase its list of loyal customers. Businesses must implement effective online marketing strategies. You can increase customer engagement with a mobile app or website and keep them coming back to you and not the competition.

PS4 Games

The 3 Best PS4 Games in 2021

If you are only a step away from exploring the world of high-end video games, this is the best time to play your way through the wide variety of features for a complete experience. The PS4 games have grown in scope over the past decades to be the next big thing in the gaming space. Surreal experiences are guaranteed with the different games, and a gamut of emotions and themes are explored on the screens with great graphics. A library containing thousands of games has been built over the years by the PlayStation 4, which has been around for more than seven years.

Sony also has a number of exclusive titles, making it the only place to experience classics such as God of Wat, Bloodborne, and Spider-Man. Although the PS5 is here to replace the technology of the PS4, it is yet to make a mark in the hearts of the players. As long as the impact of PS4 lasts, the demand for more games will prevail. If you are still searching for the best games to play on your PlayStation 4, here is a list of the best games you can try this year.

1.      Last of Us Part 2

PS5 Games

Last of Us is a story that conquered the hearts of thousands across the globe, and this naturally generated a demand for the second edition. As the sequel is here, we are all set to explore more of the story and this mysterious world. The pensive sounds engross you right away, and that would be enough to prove that it was worth the wait. All the emotions packed in the story have been captured and finds their way to kick right in your gut. Every moment of this brutally violent game is absurd and ambitious enough to keep you glued to the seats until the PS6 is out. Talks about this game will surely last for many generations.

2.      God of War

This new version of God of War is a complete treat for the fans of the action. Horrific moments define this game further on with the simmering anger of Kratos. The brutal action and slick pace of the plot make God of War a must-try for everyone with a PS4. All the layers of this world are worth exploring for the dark corners and spooky stories. Puzzles have improved in this part of the game, and the characters have indeed grown into greater beings with flawless graphics.

3.      Horizon: Zero Dawn

Killzone devs Guerrilla has come up with the new version of this exciting PS4 game where the robots are going against the humans for survival. Slower weapons are used here to make the action look slicker. This tactical approach has made the story more compelling, and the mystery seems to continue with these added features. Other sizeable challenges await you in the game once you are done with the main game. You can get this game on Amazon now.